FEBRUARY 2019 Credit Repair Tip:

When The Collection Agencies Call You


1. Don't ignore them, go ahead and answer the phone.

2. Don't tell them you will pay, don't tell them you WON'T pay.

3. Just give them your correct address, and tell them you only want to communicate in writing, and tell them not to call you anymore.

4. Surprisingly, most collection agencies won't call you anymore.

5. When they mail you the collection letters, save them in a folder. Many will have good settlement discounts.

6. Contact me to review your report, and I will tell you if you should pay any settlement offer.

JANUARY 2019 Credit Repair Tip:

How To Improve Your Bad Credit In 2019


1. MOST IMPORTANTLY, get caught up on any open credit cards or installment loans (auto, student, etc). Recent late payments will drastically reduce your score (even more than collections), and can't be fixed through credit repair.

2. Send me your report for a free analysis and estimate. There may be accounts that I can fix or outright delete.

3. Be prepared to settle/pay some collections. However, since your score is more affected by the number of collections (rather than the balances), I almost always will instruct you to settle/pay the smallest collections first (if I can't delete them outright). Depending on your goals, we can usually ignore the largest collections.

December 2018 Credit Repair Tip:

Which collections should I pay to maximize my score ?

1 - Some can be deleted without paying. There are many flaky collection agencies that I can delete without having to pay the collection, so send me your report first for a free analysis/estimate.

2 - Start with the smallest. The total number of collections affects the score more than the actual balances of the collections, so the goal is to first settle/pay as many of the smaller collections as possible.

3 - Only settle/pay collections that appear on 2 or 3 bureaus. It's a waste of money to settle/pay a collection that only appears on one bureau, because it usually won't help your mid score at all.

4 - Ignore collections that haven't updated in 12 months, they affect the score much less than collections that have been recently updated.

If you have a low score or other credit issue, send me your report and I will give a free analysis and estimate, usually within 24 hours.

NOVEMBER 2018 Credit Repair Tip:

Can Inquiries Be Deleted ?

In general, yes.

But keep in mind that only recent inquiries (less than a month old) affect the score.

So if you only need 5-8 points, we might be able to get those points by deleting recent inquiries.

If you have a low score (or other credit issue), send me your report, and I will provide you with an analysis and cost estimate outlining the score improvement potential.